C.S. Lewis reminder

C.S. Lewis made a statement decades ago that is true today.  ‘People need to be reminded more than they need to be informed.”  He was referring to religious instruction.  How true.


Most of us as Christ followers know more of God’s design on our life than we follow.  We  know more of Jesus instructions for our behavior than we follow.  That’s why living as a Christ follower requires discipline:  practicing what we know.


Scripture repeats God’s instructions.  The10 commandments in the Old Testament are affirmed in the new.   Paul would state, ‘remember what I told you.’  And then he put it again in writing.  Reading Scripture again not only reminds, but refreshes.  Proverbs 31 chapters lend themselves to one a day for a month.  Take a few minutes each day.  Soak up those important reminders.