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Do you remember looking at lists of ‘stressors’ and seeing your problems? Life happens. “Yes.” It is there. It’s OK to be upset or almost unglued, because ours is a common and real problem. That was yesterday. But here we are today, a widow. (I still don’t like the word.) Numb, puzzled, vulnerable, sad, frightened, angry, yet laughing at things most don’t find so funny. What has happened? We have experienced the top of the list item, ‘death of a spouse.’


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Featured Story Susan Wood

That is just what I did, and for twenty-five years our love song played sweetly. As we faced the challenges of life together, our love song had many tunes.  Some songs were romantic and sensuous as we carved out time for each other on date nights and on weekend bed and breakfast trips. Other songs were nursery rhymes and theme songs from Saturday morning cartoons, playing as we raised a blended family of six children.  Some were exciting and lively as we traveled on mission’s trips together, acting, clowning, and dancing our way across places like Russia and Belize.  But the last song was a song in the night as we faced the horrors of cancer.  Singing our battle song we fought hard for ten months. Like a diamond, the quality of love is tested under pressure; it is refined and caused to shine even brighter.   As I cared for my husband, my lover, my friend, during those ten months, I experienced a love for him unlike I had ever know.  His once six-foot-two , two hundred pound  muscular body now fragile and paralyzed,  could no longer hold me, caress me, protect me and yet as I  bathed him, dressed him , pushed his wheel chair, the love I had for him filled me to overflowing. It was the most beautiful song of all, the song of unconditional, eternal love. A love given by God.

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Filling the void

August 21, 2017

I’m Miriam  Neff-with STARTING OVER FINANCIALLY,-and I’m Valerie Neff Hogan, and we’re here to talk about money   M  What happens when we don’t fill that God sized hole in our hearts with God?  Something or someone else moves in to fill the void.   V The show “Hoarders” is a great example. Extreme things happen when we try to fill gaps in our lives with things.  They’re simply tools. Get us from point A to B.  Mow our lawns, Hold  car keys, wallet and stuff.  Advertising has done a great job sadly claiming things can do more.  Make us […]

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The value of small

August 18, 2017

Our culture values large, impressive, big stuff.  Paychecks, technology, big brings prestige.  Scripture, on the other hand values small.  The prophet Samuel reminded King Saul that God chose him when he was small in his own eyes. I Samuel 15: 17.  David killed Goliath with a small sling shot.  Jesus fed thousands with a small boys lunch:  a few fish and loaves of bread.  A small mustard seed produces a big bush.  A bit of yeast leavens a big lump of dough.   Important message:  Don’t devalue a small skill you have or a small possession.  God does great things […]

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