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Do you remember looking at lists of ‘stressors’ to see if any of your problems were on the list? In any given season of our lives, most of us have some change happening if not a minor or major crisis. We look at the list and see, “Yes,” It is there. It’s OK to be upset or almost unglued, because ours is a common and real problem. That was yesterday.


We inform, encourage, and equip widows. We provide books, DVD¹s, Journals, CD¹s, radio podcasts, church resources and tools, spiritually based and practical. Internationally we provide skill training for widows for economic independence.

Featured Story Susan Wood

That is just what I did, and for twenty-five years our love song played sweetly. As we faced the challenges of life together, our love song had many tunes.  Some songs were romantic and sensuous as we carved out time for each other on date nights and on weekend bed and breakfast trips. Other songs were nursery rhymes and theme songs from Saturday morning cartoons, playing as we raised a blended family of six children.  Some were exciting and lively as we traveled on mission’s trips together, acting, clowning, and dancing our way across places like Russia and Belize.  But the last song was a song in the night as we faced the horrors of cancer.  Singing our battle song we fought hard for ten months. Like a diamond, the quality of love is tested under pressure; it is refined and caused to shine even brighter.   As I cared for my husband, my lover, my friend, during those ten months, I experienced a love for him unlike I had ever know.  His once six-foot-two , two hundred pound  muscular body now fragile and paralyzed,  could no longer hold me, caress me, protect me and yet as I  bathed him, dressed him , pushed his wheel chair, the love I had for him filled me to overflowing. It was the most beautiful song of all, the song of unconditional, eternal love. A love given by God.

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Proverbs 15: 16

I’m Miriam  Neff-with STARTING OVER FINANCIALLY,-and I’m Valerie Neff Hogan, and we’re here to talk about money   M Most people think their life would be easier, more peace filled if they had more money.  Yes, I know the stress of a tight budget.  Our family of six had tight times.   V  Proverbs 15: 16  Better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble with it. No matter how much you have, if you do not manage it well, and are not living according to God’s purpose in your life, you will never […]

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