Young Widows

Shannon Broling

Three years after Jay’s death, Shannon prayed that she would someday remarry. Not long after, a friend from church introduced Shannon to her brother, Greg, and after dating five weeks, he proposed. They were married within a few months and were blessed with another child who completed their family. They both know without a doubt that this was all God’s plan for them.

Diane Turrubiartes

Diane came to our group in her early days of loss. With two preschoolers, life required her to move forward as a parent alone, even though she was feeling consumed and overwhelmed with grief. She shared her story. Yes, we wept with her, hugged, and prayed. She and her husband, Jerry, had just experienced the miracle of the birth of their second child just months before Jerry was killed in a tragic biking accident. One day she was delighting in their growing family with her athletic healthy husband. In one evening, everything changed. Diane was suddenly left not only as […]

Milena Bekteshi

Milena Bekteshi is a young widow I hope to meet. In exploring helping widows in Albania, my friend, Enkelejda, sent me her story. I share it here with encouragement that God’s love for widows transcends differences in cultures and countries. While I cannot imagine the death of one’s husband while in the hospital giving birth to her son, I do know God’s comfort is great enough for any circumstance. Milena’s words: “When you lose a husband the very first thing you want to do is to tell to someone else that had that kind of  loss how  deep is the […]


LaTanya Law

LaTanya’s husband, Demetrius, was always healthy and showed no signs of illness. One day he began suffering from an excruciating headache, which led to a call to 911. The examination determined that Demetrius had brain cancer. LaTanya promptly placed a sign on their front door that stated, “God is performing a miracle here, if you doubt, stay out!” He fought hard for three years before making his journey to Heaven. Their two sons were ages 14 and 4 when they lost their dad. LaTanya’s father stepped in to help with the boys and be the male influence that they had […]

Ferree Hardy

A word from Miriam: I met Ferree through her blog. I was encouraged by her determination to be patient and see the positives, the seeds of joy that were watered by her tears. Her popular blog has encouraged thousands. Thank you, Ferree, for letting us share your story.   The Day Life Changed Forever Ferree Hardy Ten years ago this very day I woke up thinking it’d be like any other day, but I was a widow by suppertime. It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years. On one hand it seems like only yesterday, on the other it’s like […]

Judy Stremler

The late summer sun streams on us in Judy’s garden room. It is an unusually quiet moment. Her five children, ages five to eighteen, are at school. She was in what we call “The Season:” the week of her husbands death. While each day of this week will be marked in her mind by the events of two years ago, evidence spills all around us of lives that must go on. Stickies on the refrigerator, stacks of school papers that must be noted, signed, and dates transfered to the calendar. Parenting does not allow ‘time outs’ to go back and […]

Military Widows

Darlene Parks

Darlene Parks has said yet another, “Good bye.” Her hardest ‘Good Bye’ was in December, 2008 when her husband Dan was tragically killed in an accident leaving her with children ages 17, 14, and 13. With our email meeting, she shared her reality today. “On Saturday, I sent my youngest child off to college; It was again another bittersweet moment.  On our way to the college, we stopped at a rest stop; I noticed another family also taking their son to college.  I saw the husband and wife comforting each other and thought…that should be me.  I dismissed the thought, […]

Cheryl McGuinness

I have not met Cheryl personally, however, I think her life and continuing walk of faith is an example to us all. I’d encourage you to read her book “Beauty Beyond the Ashes.” Howard Publishing Co. 2004. This is taken and used with permission from From Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front by Karen Whiting and Jocelyn Green. Copyright © 2012, God & Country Press, an imprint of AMG Publishers. All rights reserved.   Forgiveness at the Foot of the Cross Cheryl McGuinness’s husband, Tom, had been a copilot on American Airlines Flight 11 when it was […]

Jo Rozier

Jo and I  connected  after he heard an interview I did with Greg Wheatley from Prime Time America on the Moody Broadcasting Network…   Jo wrote to Greg: I was floored.  I arrived home before the segment ended and I just sat in the driveway to make sure I heard the entire story.   Work consists of serving in the United States Marine Corps.  I am the father of two (a teen and a preteen), one of whom is adopted.  Since June of this year I’ve been the primary Caregiver for my elderly parents who are showing signs of dementia and for the past 8 […]