Starting Over FInancially

Crisis to Wealth & Worth

Program 4 Big Picture Thinking Your present circumstance, even though unwanted is an opportunity to consider WHAT REALLY MATTERS to you. Yes, you are moving forward tracking your expenses and getting out of debt. Eventually you’ll be putting money aside. Do you want greater motivation? Consider what you value.   What are your long term goals? Philanthropy – Serving – Traveling – Family Needs – Education Knowing what is important to you motivates you to start putting even a little money aside to reach your goals.   4 Principals: 1. Pay God and yourself first. Then modify your life spending […]

Emotions: Depleting and Defeating, or Energizing and Empowering

Program 3 The distance between our heads and our hearts is typically only eighteen inches. However, sometimes, after loss, we feel our head and our heart have parted ways and exist on different planets. Our head is on Mars, our heart is on Venus, and somehow our body got left on Earth.   Emotions are powerful motivators to action, positive or destructive, OR lack of action, frozen, unable to act. Depression/grief/sadness: seeing grey, caught in the past, disoriented thinking. Vulnerability: Filling the void by hoarding, spending and keeping. Foolish financial decisions due to faulty, clouded thinking. Proverbs 18:24 Fear: lack […]

Managing the Present, Growing the Future

Program 2 “God is not shocked at your present circumstance.” Luke 12:6-7 “Everything is His.” II Chronicles 29: 11-12   4 Principals: Establish your income first, ‘build’ your house, determine your living space, within the means of your income. Proverbs 24:27. Yes, this may mean that you must change spaces after change in your life and income. If possible, don’t make a hasty decision. Rate your needs and your wants. Look at your check book, and/or bank account. That shows your reality. Which are necessary? Which are just wants? Value Living? Value Spending? God sees your actions. To become trustworthy […]

Money in Troubled Times.

Program 1 Miriam Neff and Valerie Neff Hogan talk about money. Money when you’re in a difficult situation. Life got bumpy and money became a dreaded word. That’s when you need help most. With clear, practical, conversational content Miriam and Valerie are here to help. Whether job loss, divorce, death of a spouse, foreclosure, or health issues, your pay check has frozen, or shrunk, but your bills have not. You may not have the time or mental energy to tackle what seems like an overwhelming thing–getting a handle on your money. Let us help you simplify the process and walk […]