Starting Over Wise Advice

I’m Miriam  Neff-with STARTING OVER FINANCIALLY,-and I’m Valerie Neff Hogan, and we’re here to talk about money


M  When you are starting over at anything, thoughtful planning and wise advice are your friends.  You need to budget and live differently  Take time to think about how you will do that and get wise advice.


V Interview a professional, and someone who has walked this road you will now be taking AND is thriving.  Friends might say “Well.. don’t do this.. that really didn’t work” That has some value, but it’s better to know what is working for them and how/why that way works.  There are some commonly accepted guidelines that suggest what percent of your income should go for different expense categories.


M  Psalm 139, we’re different fearfully and wonderfully made.  No plan is perfect, but we can examine and learn.