Loving your wife

I’m Miriam  Neff-with STARTING OVER FINANCIALLY,-and I’m Valerie Neff Hogan, and we’re here to talk about money


M  My friend has a dilemma.  A couple he cares deeply about does not have their finances in order.  Actually, they have great wealth:  here, there, this drawer, that stock, this fund, that investment.  Husband doesn’t have a list of these.  Nothing is in a safety deposit box.  And his wife knows little about any of this.

My friend can’t get him to even make a consolidated list.

V  I suggest he ask his friend, “Do you love your wife?”  We know he does.  “Then devote yourself to document, and organize for her sake.”  Include her in the process because otherwise you will leave her alone and scared doing it.

In 8 of 10 marriages, the husband will depart this planet before his wife.

Do you love her?  Then inform, protect, and at least provide her with information..