Little known stories # 6 Abigail

Recently I’ve been ‘living in’ the worlds of widows in the Bible.  Few think of Abigail as a widow.  Her story is usually about her industrious risk of turning David’s wrath from killing her people, including her husband, to sparing their lives. God took Nabal’s life.  David sent for her quickly and took her as his wife.  Happy ending!  Hardly.  She was taken to Hebron, a rural backwater place, hardly like the home of her deceased wealthy Nabal.  One of many wives, her new marriage brought challenges. She was kidnapped by David’s enemy and once had to flee the palace for safety.

One lesson we can learn from her story in I Samuel 25 is that courage to obey God brings Glory to God, not happy endings or easy living.  It does bring a heart full of blessed peace.