Little known stories # 5 Naomi’s grief

Every person at some time grieves over an important loss in their life.  We think immediately of death.  True.  Additionally financial upheavals, relationship break ups have grief warping our perspectives and skewing our thinking.

Naomi left Bethlehem hungry with her husband and two less than healthy children.  Seeking food in Moab, life there was not as planned.  Her husband and both son’s died.  She returned to her homeland with a loyal daughter in law who was determined to protect her and had embraced Naomi’s true God.

And Naomi told her friends on her return that she had left full and returned empty.  No, she left hungry.  She did not see the treasure Ruth was in her life.

Be careful, my friend.  Grief skews your thinking.  Pause, Pray,  read the Book of Ruth, stay close to those who will keep you in reality.