Emotions: Depleting and Defeating, or Energizing and Empowering

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The distance between our heads and our hearts is typically only eighteen inches. However, sometimes, after loss, we feel our head and our heart have parted ways and exist on different planets. Our head is on Mars, our heart is on Venus, and somehow our body got left on Earth.


Emotions are powerful motivators to action, positive or destructive, OR lack of action, frozen, unable to act.

Depression/grief/sadness: seeing grey, caught in the past, disoriented thinking.
Vulnerability: Filling the void by hoarding, spending and keeping. Foolish financial decisions due to faulty, clouded thinking.
Proverbs 18:24

Fear: lack of confidence, facing the unknown.
Vulnerability: Affinity Fraud, inaction in addressing bills and debts.
John 14:27

Anger: hostility toward people or circumstances fueled by adrenalin.
Vulnerability: Impulse spending, destroying relationships, wasted time, emotional energy, and money.
Ephesians 4: 26

Loneliness: hollow hole in your soul begging to be filled, disconnected.
Vulnerability: Handing out: giving to get something back, holding on to people you haven’t ‘lost’ yet. Buying for others to keep them in your life. Connecting hastily to the wrong people.
Psalm 1: 1-3


What kind of advice do you need?

Kind – Relevant – Competent – Unbiased – Honest – Helpful

Matthew 6:21 ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’