Choose life.

Has death of someone you cherish rocked your world this year?  Yes, grieve.  Yes, reorder your world.  Struggle through it all.  Precious memories, regrets, unfinished business, and unknowns.  But remember two precious words in Scripture.  “Choose life.”  We do not move on unchanged.  But we do move!  We don’t ‘get over it.’  But we do ‘get on with it’.

Oh, my friend, that’s not dishonoring the one you’ve lost.  We honor our beloved person by choosing life.  Deuteronomy 30 tells us how.

Choosing what to do with special days is hard, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve. Talk to your child’s picture.  Tell her you miss her. Write a letter to your mate and tuck it in the Christmas tree.  Then choose life and celebrate those still with you.