Future projects

Kosovo 2017. This beautiful country continues to struggle with conflict between people groups. Often those that suffer most are the widows and their orphaned children.

I have visited the church in Gjakova on two occasions and have been thrilled with the pastorʼs heart for widows.


Expanded projects

We’re growing! Having completed 5 projects, we’ve learned a lot! While our first small projects were a beginning, our last completed project trained 24 widows. Yes, training time was longer and we employed two trainers. Each graduate received a present of their own machine, plus a gift of sewing supplies created by donations of goods to us, lovingly packed by volunteers. It was our great pleasure to present these and certificates to each graduate. $9,000.00 was the cost for this project.


Widow Connection is blessed that we can sponsor small projects to meet needs in a village, or larger ones. While being a new organization has challenges, we are blessed with flexibility to serve where others may not. This is all possible because of your generosity. Widow Connection provides treadle sewing machines, initial supplies and fabric, and pays trainers. Widows select what products they will make based on what is needed and what will sell in their community or village. As they create and sell products, the proceeds are divided between the widows with a portion going back into the project.
No funds come back to this organization. Eventually, we trust these projects will be self sustaining. Widows will be trained and move on to be self supporting, and new widows are welcomed to learn.