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God Hears Your Hearts Cry

Transitions in the Journey

Our Emotions—From Struggling to Strength

Finding our Purpose—Again



Keys to creating a successful ministry to widows.

How to serve the invisible among you, the widow.

Reducing the trauma: Topics that all churches should address



Here We Are: Laughing, Crying, and Moving Forward

From Vulnerable to Strong to Bold



Fall 2007 The Widow to Widow Bible study took place.
The group met each Saturday and participated in the following sessions:

Session I. Creating Purpose/Discovering Meaning in our new life
God wants us to embrace life, this life. He does not hide His personal purpose for us, though we may not see it clearly in the fog of change. Let’s study together how to see His purposes and discover meaning in our new circumstance.

Session II. Meet our panel.
These women do not want to be called experts. But they have walked our journey and will give input on our questions and topics.

Session III. Am I crazy?
Our emotions: intense, numb, and sometimes “normal.” You’d feel crazy too! Moving through grief, anger, and loneliness is harder work than managing our living spaces, budget, and time. Let’s study together God’s guidelines on these powerful emotions.

Session IV. When God is invisible
Unanswered questions, unsolved problems, and promises not fulfilled. We’ll dare to look at the tougher side of life. Photo gallery from Africa and lessons we can learn.

Session V. God Hears Your Hearts Cry.
When life is tough there are 10 facts that give us more than strength. We have the courage to live boldly.