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Milena Bekteshi

Milena Bekteshi is a young widow I hope to meet. In exploring helping widows in Albania, my friend, Enkelejda, sent me her story. I share it here with encouragement that God’s love for widows transcends differences in cultures and countries. While I cannot imagine the death of one’s husband while in the hospital giving birth to her son, I do know God’s comfort is great enough for any circumstance.

Milena’s words:

“When you lose a husband the very first thing you want to do is to tell to someone else that had that kind of  loss how  deep is the pain and to be understood . It is so important to ask them how long your soul will be shattered and if there’s any hope because you don’t see any.

So when I lost my husband I didn’t have around me a mature widow to ask these many questions I had. I was so full of pain, and angriness. I had just given birth to our son, and I had a 1 year old baby girl to take care. My pain was greater because I never saw my husband dead. I was in the hospital giving birth when my husband died and my parents and the parents of my husband decided to bury him without my presence. Nobody understood my pain. I begin to search on the internet for books and caught my eyes the title From one widow to another from Miriam Neff. I sent the link to one of my US friends to buy a copy for me and she did.
I read and I read it very often. It was like having someone in front of me and was like reading my mind and the hundred question I had on my head.

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Through the pages of the book I was helped seeing myself through a journey with bitterness but also with hope, with many challenges but also with victories. The book helped me seeing the new me not so ugly as I thought I will be not having the half of me. Thank you Miriam”

– Milena Bekteshi.